Beware : ICANN has decided to ban domain which are not using “www.”

search-web-magnifying-620x202In simpler term this means that “Internet user will not be able to see or access web addresses that look like,”

It means if you are not using “www.” or using a dotless domain for your website, than your website will not be online anymore.

The Internet Corporation For Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has decided that all dotless domain names will be banned.

In a resolution of ICANN, they have issued earlier this week, they have defined a dotless domain as “consist of a single label and require the inclusion of, for example, an A, AAAA, or MX, record in the apex of a TLD zone in the DNS.”

In simpler term this means that “Internet user will not be able to see or access web addresses that look like,”

ICANN has been revisiting Web address formats for some time now.

If you are using a dotless domain its time to shift your website at “www.” format, if your site go down it will be difficult for you to get everything back as per SEO perspective.

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Tips to choose the right domain name for your website

Starting a website for your business or individual business is not an easy task and the toughest is to choose the right and SEO friendly domain name, most people recommend to use search engine marketing when creating your website. Creating a lucrative yet user friendly website start with a domain name, as if you need to change your website name, it will be real difficult as per SEO needs and you might have to re-establish your website and business again – so it is really important that you choose the right Domain name at the very first.

But up to four alphabets website names are already registered and countable are available in four alphabets domain names, it doesn’t make the process of choosing a name any easier but much difficult for you. Five alphabets website are still available yet it’s hard to find one as per your requirements. It is a fact that it is getting harder to choose a domain name, so we come up a list of suggestions and tips which are as follows:

Your domain name should be your website name.

It look obvious that the domain name is same as the website name, as most searcher while finding a website always try to remember your website name and will be searching it if they have lost or forgot your domain name. Because of this if you have website name different then the domain name, the searcher might land on other website with same domain name and this will make you lose a lot of traffic. Even though you will be surprised to know that there are a lot of websites having different name then their domain name.

Imagine you have a business named “Visage” and someone else have booked the domain and running it. Instead the business name you have a domain named “”, what will happen when a visit search for Visage and find two website at the SERP one is and the other is , most probably the searcher will go to the and you will lose a potential client.

What if you are in same situation where you have a brand name and people know you with that but you cannot get the domain as it has been registered. You might think of a new name but it will take a lot of resources and time to build a new brand name and not the least a lot of money to do so. At this situation you might like to buy the domain name from the existing owner, find the owner details buy searching whois record and can buy the domain at higher cost.

Mean while acquiring the desired domain name you can search domain name with other then .com extensions, for example .in,, .net, .org, .info etc.

Always go for a .COM domain

Even though except “.COM” domain extension there are other  domain extensions are available and they have their own importance. But you should always try to get the .COM domain name for your website. You should also register country extension domain name for business and brand security.

It is said that a business should have register their .COM domain because of the following reasons:

it have better name recognition, being the first domain name that was available to book gives it a brand recognition. Every internet user tend to remember .com as the default extension of each website, even though the trend is changing as general people are getting used to with different domain extensions but even now it is the default choice.

It is popular among SEO specialist that a “.COM” domain has given more priority then other extensions, it might possible that search engines thinks a .com domain belongs to a stable and legitimate business or organization.

.COM TLD (Top Level Domain) is more widely accepted domain name extension, however if you are looking forward to grow your business at a specific country you should consider a country specific domain name, such as “.IN” or “.CO.IN” for India.

 Hyphenate your domain name

Although we know that there are other extensions which you should consider when you don’t find a .com domain, we have a trick to get desired domain names by using hyphens in-between words. Yet there are advantages and disadvantages of this.

It is easy for a user to forget hyphens while typing your domain name, it is a little difficult to type as well, so they might don’t use the hyphens and end up visiting your competitor’s website.

When people verbally recommend your website to any one they know, having a hyphen at your domain name make it more difficult to communicate the name correctly. See the following example which one is easy to communicate… or

But there are advantages as well, as search engines like Google can distinguish your keywords easily and in result your website will have better position at SERP and you end up getting more visitors at your website. It is not an easy task to buy a already booked domain name, if your domain name has been booked by someone and is not in use it will probably get free some day and then you can book the domain, mean while you can continue you business.

Should we have Keyword at Domain?

Its a tough decision to make, but where most of the domain names are sold out, people are going to two or three word domain names. It certainly have SEO benefits, as Google give weight to keywords at url and when you got top level keyword (Which are the keywords you use at domain) and website with same theme, it will do miracle at SERP. All though you might find webmasters use hyphen as well as number at domain name, but for some reason, I personally feel that a domain name should not have hyphen and numbers and also should not have abbreviations. Its really hard to users to remember such domain names and this reason make it hard to brand your website.

Branding is also important as generic names with keywords sometime make no sense, like the domain “” it looks like that people will search this a lot but seriously if someone is searching for a car or used car, he will probably have some brands in his mind and will like to search like etc. So Branding is must and should think of a name which you can brand.

You should mix keywords to get good names which can become brand. You can mix two whole words like YouTube, tweak a work like Flickr, can also use partial words like MicroSoft etc.

Be creative… if you don’t find a name, brainstorm it, might come out with a name which will be added at dictionary one day.

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