Is Freelancing the future of all JOBS?

freelancer1Its been a big question that if freelancing will be the most job creator in future or it will be the future of jobs, there are several surveys are going around regarding this and most of them found that it will be future of jobs, top seo freelancers in Birmingham and UK are now working to help people become more successful in freelancing, it is important for people to know that with the use of a good Online Marketing Agency their business could become much more successful just like the online business of elo boosting services from ElitistGaming. Business runs on profit and by freelancing they can cut cost and make the profit margin bigger. It is not only good for business point of view, it is a great option for skilled professionals as well. With emerging market of virtual employment, its emerging faster than ever.

Rev’s survey found that 93% of workers age 50 and older deliver work on time, while 86% of those 49 and younger are that reliable. Older workers also work more hours, earn 30% more per month than those under 30 (with normalized pay rates), and produce the same quality of work (all ages average 4.5 out of 5 in quality score). CEO Jason Chicola says “Most office workers would jump at the opportunity to work in their pajamas, skip the commute, and keep their kids at home.” In fact, only two percent of Rev survey respondents claimed to be freelancing because they are unable to find a traditional job. “We’re seeing more and more freelancers who turn to freelancing as a long-term lifestyle choice, and have no plans to ever set foot in an office again,”.

The major driving force behind freelancing is the down time at our economy. The trend of Freelancing started with recession but it is just not a trend, it became reality and with emergence of faster internet, people are even employing virtual receptionists.

You might have heard about Fiverr, the website which have users who can give services as low as $5, it has been started with a phone call conversation between co-founders Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger, two entrepreneurs. They found that the process of finding and hiring a freelancer is so time consuming that they should invent or initiate an easier way to do so. Even though there are websites like Freelancer, Elance etc, their project “Fiverr” is a huge hit, where the starting service price is set to $5, and being so transparent with pricing made it a hit with both the employee and employer.

When we are talking about freelancing we always talk about, a company which have around 8.5 million freelancers and To date, over 4.8 million projects have been outsourced through

Matt Barrie is an award winning entrepreneur, technologist and lecturer. He is Chief Executive of, the world’s largest outsourcing marketplace. Matt is serial entrepreneur, previously as founder and CEO of Sensory Networks Inc., a vendor of high performance network security processors. Prior to this he founded a telecommunications hardware company. Matt has raised over $40M USD in financing from venture capital, strategic investors and through government grants while running or assisting technology companies.

Even with the economy and hiring improving, freelancing is likely to become a much bigger part of the employment landscape in the future, regardless of what workers prefer. Employers like having the flexibility to expand and contract their workforce when they want, and the supply of available workers currently exceeds demand in many fields. Elance, one of many online freelance hubs that matches freelancers with clients, recently announced that hiring by businesses through its site increased by 60% last year.

At first freelancers might been misinterpreted as solo entrepreneurs, but at reality most of them are skilled professionals and like the idea of working from home, in their pajamas. They hated traditional 9-to-5 jobs started working like freelancers, part-timers, temporary workers, or consultants. There are also such community or workers who are working 9 to 5 traditional jobs yet pursuing paid part time jobs after hours.

By the way the phenomenon still growing and have a better future if a freelancer grows their network and have satisfied employers. I have emphasized on satisfaction of employers as networking is not about knowing people or handing them over your business card, it is about your help and support, it is about recommending a car insurance calculator to one of the customers just because you want to help. Networking is not only employers, you should also have fellow freelancers as these are the one who will help you learn new things, will help you when you have overflow of work, it is also important to reward your employees whenever they do a good job, last time I heard of a company which was giving a full covered scooter to the employee of the month, which is an excellent way of rewarding them. You should contain those relationships to make yourself a successful Freelancer.

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Google was down for 5 minutes, overall web traffic went down by 40%

Google was downGoogle services including Google Search suffered an rare outage on 17th Aug, early Saturday Morning, one of the sites that suffered the most was plantwear due to its popularity tons of people were not able to finish their purchases. As per information the outage was noticed around 5 am IST and lasted for around 5 minutes.

The app dashboard for Gmail had the following message for users:

We’re aware of a problem with Gmail affecting a significant subset of users. The affected users are able to access Gmail, but are seeing error messages and/or other unexpected behavior. 

In India it was early morning so very few has witnessed this, unless you were using their services like their search or Gmail. However, news reports pointed out the outage and it was headlines on most news website.

CNET reported that according to web analytics firm GoSquared, traffic on the internet dropped around 40 percent during those five minutes and perhaps only highlights the reliance of internet users on the search giant.

Google also has acknowledged the outage, and states that the problem has been resolved. The official downtime according to Google status page was between 1 and 5 minutes.

GoSquared Stats: was down for a few minutes between 23:52 and 23:57 BST on 16th August 2013. This had a huge effect in the number of page views coming into GoSquared’s real-time tracking – around a 40% drop, as this graph of our global page views per minute shows.

That’s huge. As internet users, our reliance on being up is huge, it even affects us trying to get to the ELO Boost services from It’s also of note that page views spiked shortly afterwards, as users managed to get to their destination.

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Beware : ICANN has decided to ban domain which are not using “www.”

search-web-magnifying-620x202In simpler term this means that “Internet user will not be able to see or access web addresses that look like,”

It means if you are not using “www.” or using a dotless domain for your website, than your website will not be online anymore.

The Internet Corporation For Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has decided that all dotless domain names will be banned.

In a resolution of ICANN, they have issued earlier this week, they have defined a dotless domain as “consist of a single label and require the inclusion of, for example, an A, AAAA, or MX, record in the apex of a TLD zone in the DNS.”

In simpler term this means that “Internet user will not be able to see or access web addresses that look like,”

ICANN has been revisiting Web address formats for some time now.

If you are using a dotless domain its time to shift your website at “www.” format, if your site go down it will be difficult for you to get everything back as per SEO perspective.

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Tips to choose the right domain name for your website

Starting a website for your business or individual business is not an easy task and the toughest is to choose the right and SEO friendly domain name, most people recommend to use search engine marketing when creating your website. Creating a lucrative yet user friendly website start with a domain name, as if you need to change your website name, it will be real difficult as per SEO needs and you might have to re-establish your website and business again – so it is really important that you choose the right Domain name at the very first.

But up to four alphabets website names are already registered and countable are available in four alphabets domain names, it doesn’t make the process of choosing a name any easier but much difficult for you. Five alphabets website are still available yet it’s hard to find one as per your requirements. It is a fact that it is getting harder to choose a domain name, so we come up a list of suggestions and tips which are as follows:

Your domain name should be your website name.

It look obvious that the domain name is same as the website name, as most searcher while finding a website always try to remember your website name and will be searching it if they have lost or forgot your domain name. Because of this if you have website name different then the domain name, the searcher might land on other website with same domain name and this will make you lose a lot of traffic. Even though you will be surprised to know that there are a lot of websites having different name then their domain name.

Imagine you have a business named “Visage” and someone else have booked the domain and running it. Instead the business name you have a domain named “”, what will happen when a visit search for Visage and find two website at the SERP one is and the other is , most probably the searcher will go to the and you will lose a potential client.

What if you are in same situation where you have a brand name and people know you with that but you cannot get the domain as it has been registered. You might think of a new name but it will take a lot of resources and time to build a new brand name and not the least a lot of money to do so. At this situation you might like to buy the domain name from the existing owner, find the owner details buy searching whois record and can buy the domain at higher cost.

Mean while acquiring the desired domain name you can search domain name with other then .com extensions, for example .in,, .net, .org, .info etc.

Always go for a .COM domain

Even though except “.COM” domain extension there are other  domain extensions are available and they have their own importance. But you should always try to get the .COM domain name for your website. You should also register country extension domain name for business and brand security.

It is said that a business should have register their .COM domain because of the following reasons:

it have better name recognition, being the first domain name that was available to book gives it a brand recognition. Every internet user tend to remember .com as the default extension of each website, even though the trend is changing as general people are getting used to with different domain extensions but even now it is the default choice.

It is popular among SEO specialist that a “.COM” domain has given more priority then other extensions, it might possible that search engines thinks a .com domain belongs to a stable and legitimate business or organization.

.COM TLD (Top Level Domain) is more widely accepted domain name extension, however if you are looking forward to grow your business at a specific country you should consider a country specific domain name, such as “.IN” or “.CO.IN” for India.

 Hyphenate your domain name

Although we know that there are other extensions which you should consider when you don’t find a .com domain, we have a trick to get desired domain names by using hyphens in-between words. Yet there are advantages and disadvantages of this.

It is easy for a user to forget hyphens while typing your domain name, it is a little difficult to type as well, so they might don’t use the hyphens and end up visiting your competitor’s website.

When people verbally recommend your website to any one they know, having a hyphen at your domain name make it more difficult to communicate the name correctly. See the following example which one is easy to communicate… or

But there are advantages as well, as search engines like Google can distinguish your keywords easily and in result your website will have better position at SERP and you end up getting more visitors at your website. It is not an easy task to buy a already booked domain name, if your domain name has been booked by someone and is not in use it will probably get free some day and then you can book the domain, mean while you can continue you business.

Should we have Keyword at Domain?

Its a tough decision to make, but where most of the domain names are sold out, people are going to two or three word domain names. It certainly have SEO benefits, as Google give weight to keywords at url and when you got top level keyword (Which are the keywords you use at domain) and website with same theme, it will do miracle at SERP. All though you might find webmasters use hyphen as well as number at domain name, but for some reason, I personally feel that a domain name should not have hyphen and numbers and also should not have abbreviations. Its really hard to users to remember such domain names and this reason make it hard to brand your website.

Branding is also important as generic names with keywords sometime make no sense, like the domain “” it looks like that people will search this a lot but seriously if someone is searching for a car or used car, he will probably have some brands in his mind and will like to search like etc. So Branding is must and should think of a name which you can brand.

You should mix keywords to get good names which can become brand. You can mix two whole words like YouTube, tweak a work like Flickr, can also use partial words like MicroSoft etc.

Be creative… if you don’t find a name, brainstorm it, might come out with a name which will be added at dictionary one day.

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Protect your Brand Name!!

Protect your Brand NameYou might be a business owner or planning to start a business and worried about protecting your Business Name or Brand Name. In the world of business, which is mostly about competing with your rivals, you might find it difficult to protect your name or brand online. Here comes the solution and you’re at right place, “NetCraft India” will help you out in protecting your benefits online.

The best way to protect your brand online is to register domain name which reflects your brand name, the important domain you should buy, is a .COM (which is available at just Rs. 789 / yr at NetCraft India), but don’t forget to register the country level domain as well. If you are in India you should buy at least three different domain extensions at the very first day of you are reading this, and that three extensions are .COM, .IN and .CO.IN

You will get .IN domain in just Rs. 549 and .CO.IN domain in just Rs. 499

There might be more domain extension and if you think that your business name or brand name worth a few more thousand rupee, you might consider to buy few more extension namely .NET (Rs. 549), .INFO(Rs. 549), .ORG(Rs. 549), .ASIA(Rs. 299) and also might like to talk our Domain and Brand Name protection specialist at +91-9899739967

Note :- Domain Prices are valid till 29th of March and if you are planning to buy more than 10 extensions you might like to get some discounted offer as well, so don’t forget to call our domain name specialist.

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Register .BIZ at Rs. 899 .INFO at Rs. 299 & .ORG at Rs. 399

Register .BIZ at Rs. 899 .INFO at Rs. 299 & .ORG at Rs. 399

Domain discount at .coEven in a market where Domains Prices are going higher and higher we are some how able to give you major discount at .biz , .co , & .org , this offer is valid till 29th of March. So hurry and get most benefits out of this offer.

.BIZ regular price is Rs. 949 —  Offer Price is Rs. 899

.INFO regular price is Rs. 999  — Offer Price is Rs. 299

.ORG regular price is Rs. 949 — Offer Price is Rs. 399

This is not all, we are also giving away 30 Days free trial period, so grab a domain and host it for free.

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Welcome to NetCraft India Blog!!

We welcome you the Net Craft India’s blog section!!

We have been planning our corporate blog from quite a long time & at last we have started one and everyone at Net Craft India is thrilled about the new blog!

Don’t worry it will not be a typical corporate blog. This blog is not only to get you up to date with all of our latest news, product updates & hosting offers but also getting industry leading technology updates and stories, latest news and useful articles to get you more knowledge about website and online business.

Internet technology is an ever changing and fast moving arena of career and we all know that it is getting harder to living with having all the new updates and keeping up with the new technologies. But we are living with it! So we have to be up-to-date and this blog will be a new tool keep up with the fast changing world of Internet. We might leave something intentionally or un-intentionally, so we want our reader also to contribute to this blog and make it a great place for techies. You can mail us your articles at , if we find your input valuable we will get your article online.

This web hosting blog will be update by real NetCraft India team members, and we have experts from all arena of internet, like we got WordPress specialist, Share Hosting specialist, SEO specialist and all of them are very much thrilled about this blog and almost ready with great content for this blog. We will try to categories all the content so that you can just jump into what matters you most.

With this blog we are hoping to communicate well with our clients and blog users to make our hosting services better and more useful. Your contribution as guest author or active & creative discussion will make this a better place, so keep sharing your thought and valuable comments.

Just stay tuned to our news as well as industry news and stories with more educational articles.

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